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Last day in the Teaching-Lab.
-We have cleared all our stuff from Fridge and Freezer.
-All the parts created over the summer are ready to be sent.
-We still have some stuff stored in the Biochemistry building.

Thanks to Farah and John C for helping 
And thanks to Sue for provinding such a great support over the all summer.


  • We ran minipreps of all the intermediate parts we wished to send to the registry. From the results we see that for 023, colony 1 has worked; for 032, colony 1 has worked and colonies 2 and 3 may have worked; for 12D->2H, colonies 1, 2 and 3 have worked
  • 7A->3O seems to be an empty vector
  • 12D->2H seems to be an empty vector
  • The plate that read Riboswitch Intermediate seems to be the same as 12D->24A
  • However, Kirsten suggested that 7A->3O and 12D->2H may have worked but we can't see it as the stain has run off...As a check, and to get DNA that we can use for sequencing, we ran minipreps using Kirsten's method. She'll digest them next week and send the parts off for sequencing.

Preparing Parts to Send to the Registry

  • All the intermediates have been frozen and all parts for the registry are in agar, ready to be sent


  • Everything has now been shifted from the teaching lab to the level 6 cold-room in Biochem. All freezer stuff is in the freezer in level 5 opposite the fume cupboards.