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Team Allergy


  • Minipreps of more V9/V10 colonies
  • Diagnostic Digest of minipreps w/ Eco and Pst (Should see ~840 and 7000 bp)

diagnostic digest of ihpRNA in agro vectors

ladder, V92, V92b, V94, V94b, V95, V96b, V97, V97b, V98, V98b

Lanes 2&3: LTP (11c1); Lanes 4&5: Bet2 (25c1); Lane 6: Bet2 (25c2); Lane 7: Bet2 (28c1); Lanes 8&9: Ger (36c1); Lanes 10&11 Ger (36c2)

  • Digested V9/V10 backbone for ligations w/ Eco & Pst (redoing ihpRNA ligations into V9/V10)



  • Ligated into V9/V10 and transformed (mutagenesis sites confirmed through pcr using 20 bp sepecific primers)
    • still need to be sequenced


Team Fence


This picture is not the best picture but we did find colonies on the plate with the arp2/b21 transformation.

File:812 5xgaluas.jpg

transformation from karmella's stock

Transformations from Yesterday's Ligations

RXRLc VP16 8-12.jpg Barstar pCola lig 8-12.jpg EcR-Gal-PhyB lig 8-12.jpg Untrans cont 8-12.jpg Gal4 EcR lig 8-12.jpg Barstar pDUET lig 8-12.jpg Barstar pCOLA lig from 8-10.jpg V26 cont 8-12.jpg VP16 cont lig 8-12.jpg ACC - Barnase lig 8-12.jpg Barnase cont lig 8-12.jpg Barnase pDUET 8-12.jpg RXRLc VP16 lig 8-12.jpg PhyB cont lig 8-12.jpg V24 Control lig 8-12.jpg

Colonies beyond control on RXRLc VP16, Barstar V26, and EcR-Gal-PhyB.