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Team Flavor

  • Colonies from the Miraculin/Brazzein-YFP-NOSt+STOP constructs were placed in 5 mL LB AMP media and left in the 37°C shaker.
  • Plated bacteria was left for storage at 4°C

Team Allergy

  • PCRd pHAN.pdk, pKAN.pdk (they're the same 741bp pdk) using the values that worked in the gradient, got them in high ODs. Put them in box a2 rows 3-4.
Concentration of PCR products in ng/ul
Temp(ºC) Source Label Concentrations
55 H HPDK55 64.0,190.9,66.4
50 H HPDK50 119.3,125.5,92.4
55 K KPDK55 84.3,97.3,106.5
50 K KPDK50 52.5,93.5,71.0

Team Fence

Innoculating colonies from Friday's ligations

  • Barnase, Gal4, LacIN
  • 4 cc tubes each, 5mL LB+amp, set to shake at 37°C overnight