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Team Flavor

  • Miraculin and brazzein constructs due to arrive on Wednesday from Mr. Gene

BioBrick Transformation

BioBrick parts from the 2010 iGEM kit were transformed and grown in highly competent TURBO bacteria.

  • Wintergreen Scent Pathway:

BBa_J45700 - entire pathway, Ampicillin
BBa_J45004 - BSMT1 only, Ampicillin
(Not in 2010 BB Kit: BBa_J45017 - PchB, PchA)

  • Banana Scent Pathway:

BBa_J45250 - ATF3 + Promoter, Ampicillin?
BBa_J45014 - ATF3 only, Ampicillin
(Not in BB 2010 Kit: BBa_J45400 - BAT2 and THI3)

Team Fence

LacI Transformation

Performed bacterial transformation according to Silver:_Bacterial_Transformation, however we used 1μL in step 3, and used entire tube of TOP10 competent cells instead of only 10-15μL.

Transformed the following, each into its own tube of TOP10 E.Coli:

1) LacI with a rapid degredation tail attached, biobrick BBa_C0012, located on plate 1, well 2O, plasmid pSB1A2

2) LacI wildtype, biobrick BBa_I732100, located on plate 2, well 10E, plasmid pSB1A3

Streaked 100μL each of 1 and 2 onto separate LB + Amp dishes, along with a control dish of 100μL untransformed TOP10 E.Coli cells.

Plates incubated overnight, colonies observed in all plates except the control.

Colonies 6-15-10.jpg Colonies-2 6-15-10.jpg Colonies-3 6-15-10.jpg