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General Info

Time: 8 - 9 p.m. on Oct 14, Tuesday

Venue: Room 5506

Host: Jean

Attendance: Qing, Winnie, Xiuye, Guangnan, Haoyue, Jean, Jingjing


  1. Report on the progress of lab work. (5min)
  2. Preparation of Registry parts. (5min)
  3. Simulation. (10min)
  4. Preparation of presentation at Jamboree. (10min)
  5. Team wiki's content. (10min)


Lab Work

  • araC + T7 polymerase, RFP and GFP test ---- Winnie
  • total construction ---- Guangnan and Qing
  • Promoter testing ---- Jingjing and Cotton
  • left/right testing ---- Xiuye and Jean

Preparation for Registry parts

  • standard assembly