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General Info

16th Meeting:

Time: 18:00 - 20:00 on July 21, Monday Venue: Room 5486

Host: Jiahui


Plz see the following file: File:Agenda 16th meeting.pdf


Plz see the following ppt (with animation) by Cotton of the new design.


Plz see the following file of the new design.


Useful parts by Xiuye from Peking U.:

1) the switch, should be BBa_I714943: mRFP-cI-OR21-cI434-gfp, in pSB3K3 (Kan+, pSB3K3+)

2) cI-side: mRFP-cI-OR21, in pSB3K3

3) cI434-side: cI434-gfp, in pSB3K3