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Plasmid prep of the overnight cultures
ND1000-nanodrop measurements: DNA concentrations are between 30 and 60 ng/μl

Inoculating 2 erlenmeyers of 200ML , 1 for making competentcells DH5alpha and other one for TOP10 cells
Also TOP10cells will be send to the iGEM Wageningen team.
Also preheat other 2 200ml erlenmeyers

Restriction analysis:
Digestion test:
2μl FD buffer
0.5μl EcoRI
0.5μl SpeI
8μl MQ water
10μl + 10μl sample

Digestion mix:
30μl FD buffer
7.5μl EcoRI
7.5μl PstI
120μl MW water

Digestion mix:
30μl FD buffer
7.5μl XbaI
7.5μl SpeI
120μl MW water

Work in Clone manager: check primers PhybB again