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Plasmid Prep of the biobricks: DT, cI, LasRLVA, RFP,PBADaraC, RFP DT, PlasB, RBS-GFP-DT

ND1000- nanodrop measurements:
DT: 53.9 ng/μl
cI: 64.1 ng/μl
LasRLVA: 43.3 ng/μl
RFP: 32.9 ng/μl
PBADaraC: 53.2 ng/μl
RFP DT: 53.3 ng/μl
PlasB: 44.8 ng/μl
RBS-GFP-DT: 52.5 ng/μl

Samples were checked again with restriction analysis.
Digestion mix:
14μl FD buffer
3.5μl EcoRI
3.5μl PstI
49μl MQ water
10μl mix+ 10μl DNA sample

Analyse on a 1% TBE agarose gel
Samples look alright, DT, cI, LasRLVA, RFP, PBADaraC, RFP DT, PlasB, RBS-GFP-DT were send for sequencing