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Wet Work

  • Inoculated 10mL LB with E.coli strain MG1655
  • Inoculated 10mL LB with E.coli strain TOP10 transformed with BioBrick J5311

16 LA plates were poured with 8 having 25μg/mL Kanamycin, ready for mutant strains to be grown on.

The gel extracts from the ligation of primer and rbs were extracted using Zymoclean gel extraction kit. Hopefully these now contain linear DNA of BBa_J23113 and BBa_B0030, and BBa_J23114 and BBa_B0030.

BioBricks J45996, J45995 and J45250 were also extracted from the registry, using the "bigger, better, faster, stronger, method", in order to provide template to extracted the OsmY promoter.