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Results of AgrA and C transformation

Transformation has failed. No colonies were visible for the plates of Agr A or C. The Puc9 positive control grew. We believe that the problem was in the gel-extraction between ligation and transformation. Most of our plasmid was probably lost in this step. Next time we will directly use the results from the ligation reaction to transform. Although many bands were seen on the previous gel of the ligation reaction, we will check our transformation growth by single colony PCR to confirm transformation of the plasmid with our correct insert.

Lux parts

To make the Lux Receiver, we need 4 different parts ;

  • R0040, TetR repressible promoter
  • SO168, luxR + double terminator
  • R0062, promoter activated by luxR
  • JO4630 (GFP + double terminator)

All these parts have been transformed into E.coli. We want to test them. R004, R0062 and JO4630 have already been tested, it should be fine. We received from the MIT R0040, R0062 and S068 already transformed into E.coli, so we want to check these stocks (which are certainly fine) and use them. For JO4630, we want to double check our transformation.

- Plate on antibiotic plates and do LB stocks of single colony from the MIT stock (R0040, R0062 and S0168).

- Put on Kan plates 4 different colonies from J04630 (transformation Amp plate) and also incubate these colonies into LB