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PCR Bacillus RBS

We created 2 different Bacillus RBS sites simply by primer annealing and extension. Each product includes an 8bp RBS plus the BioBrick prefix and suffix for a total of 54bp. The products were visualized on a 3.5% Agarose gel with bioline's hyperladder V.

RBSs is the consensus RBS sequence for Bacillus subtilis, and thus we believe it to be a very strong binding site - AAAGGAGG

RBSw has a 2bp modification from RBSs, which we believe will weaken it - AGAGGTGG

The amplification of RBSs yielded only one band on the gel. The product was purified using microclean and contained 14.8ng/uL after clean-up.

RBSw, however produced 2 bands on the gel. The correct size was gel-extracted and purified. After purification the yield was 12.3 ng/uL.