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Results from previous days

  • Result of the gel
  • Lane3 : hyperladder1
  • Lane4 : I746101
  • Lane5 : I746001

We wanted to check the size of our biobricks. For I746101, we have a band of about 3000kb, which is the size of the vectorm and a band of about 2000kb. The size of the biobrick is 2057kp, so it should be ok.

For I746001, we hqve the same band of 3000kb (the vector) and a band of about 1000kb. The size of the biobrick is 896kb.

So, the size of our biobricks are ok.

Wet Work

- Digest

  1. For biobricks I746001 and I746101, use digest enzymes EcoRI and SpeI, and 2μL of DNA
    Add 15μL of SDW, 2μL of 10X Fast Digest Buffer, 2μL of DNA, 1μL of EcoRI and 1μL of SpeI
  2. For ppL82 (from plate and tube), use digest enzymes BamHI and PstI and add 15μL of DNA
    Add 2μL of SDW, 2μL of 10X Fast Digest Buffer, 15μL of DNA, 1μL of BamHI and 1μL of PstI
  3. Microfuge tubes
  4. Incubate 10 min at 37°C
  5. Heat shock for 5min at 80°C

- Gel : add 4μL of dye and 21μL of samples

  • New plates

-Plate I746001 and I746101 on Kn plates from Amp plates from 24/07/2008.