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Now the Battle with I0500 Begins...

  • Kanamycin plates with pUC and I0500 TOP10 cells did not give any colonies
  • Incubation time with SOC for 2 hours is too short!
  • Plate out again with TOP10 incubated overnight at 37°C
  • TOP10 transformed with J63006 plated out on ampicillin plates (neat and 1/10 dil)
  • pUC control with 1/10 dil also plated out on ampicillin plates
  • Incubated at 37°C overnight

Anaerobic Condition and Iron Assay

  • Require nitrogen gas and paraffin oil
  • Received paraffin oil from the Pathology Dept, return excess after use
  • Nitrogen gas available in the Plant Dept
  • Dye for iron ions to be ordered from Sigma
  • Fur- mutant single colony plated on Kanamycin plate and inoculated into 75mL M9 medium prepared on 23/7/08
  • Mutants in M9 incubated at 37°C overnight