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PCR for pBSINT1 biobrick vector

  • PCR rep+bla part from I732007 (pSB1A3 backbone)

- Add 12μL of SDW, 5μL of MM, 1μL of rep fwd primer, 1μL of rep rev primer and 1μL of I732007 (program iGEM new)

  • PCR I714062 and J04630 with VF and VR. We want to extract the cutting sites of the biobrick vector with GFP inside (in the future we would prefer to make our biobrick vector with a RSB for B.S. inside)

- Add 9μL of SDW, 5μL of MM, 1μL of VF, 1μL VR and 4μL of each biobrick (program iGEM new)