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Results of starch plates

We had 5mL of iodine solution, wait for 1min and observe.

strain vector photo observation conclusion
IA751 none big zones of clearing for IA751 (right), no zone of clearing for IA771 (left) IA751 : positive control and IA771 : negative control
IA751 ECE153 from 02/09 (on left) colony 1 : zone of clearing, no transformation; colony 2 and 3 : no zone of clearing, transformation ok 2 transformed colonies out of 3
IA751 ECE153 from 03/09 (on right) colony 1,2 and 3 : no zone of clearing, transformation ok transformation ok
IA751 ECE153 (28/08) no zone of clearing for colonies 1, 2 and 3, impossible to say for colonies 4 and 5 because big contamination (so big zone of clearing) colony 1,2,3 : ok, no result for the others
IA751 ECE112 (02/09) no zones of clearing transformation ok