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Yesterday's Results

  • All Plates grew!
    • ECE 172 seemed to have trouble growing on the plate (no single colonies, just one big lump at the start of the streak)
    • ECE 150 grew too well! (possibly hard to pick out single colony)
  • Tubes:
    • ECE 176, 172, 153 seem to be quite clear!!
    • ECE 150, 151 had strange floating 'colonies' in the tube
    • All other tubes were quite cloudy

Lab Work

Fridged all plates except ECE 172 ==> Benched.

All tubes palleted and placed in freezer although ECE 176, 172, 153 doesn't seem to have any pallets

All red plates does not seem to have any extra growth despite the air conditioning had been turned off when I entered the lab this afternoon.