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iGEM 2008

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ROS Bursts

  • Test catalase deficient strains
  • Test other oxidases

Integrated Prophage

  • Design/order lamB primers
  • Find spo2 sticky ends
  • Pick up a wt subtilis strain (Elowitz Lab) and find a good promoter
  • Choose a selectable lysogenic phage
  • Coli→subtilis conjugation?
  • Constitutive recA
    • Need to order primers
  • Figure out transformation protocol for 50kb plasmid

Population Variation

  • Primers to amplify promoter with different 5' lengths
  • fimE plasmid (Keasling/Arkin labs)
    • Primers to BioBrick fimE
  • Find fimE binding sequence
    • Order binding site oligos (new BioBrick parts)
  • Natural SSM examples
    • And order primers


  • Primers to amplify lactis folate enzymes
  • Do lactis RBS's work in coli?

Lactose Intolerance

  • Primers to amplify and mutate lacY
  • lacY+ strain (for a lacY template)
  • Get, then BioBrick holin/lysozyme genes