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Team Resistance

  • Our team is working to create a biosensor that detects the presence of a toxin via the change in resistance of the bacterial solution.

Considerations for gene cassette

Harvard’s paper

• Used luria lb

• Grew cells up to mid-logarithmic stage then added the arabinose

• Saw decrease in cell density after just 1 hour, but no change in the control

• Used plasmid pvj4

• E.coli strains: DH5alpha Beta2155

• Can we check tightness of promoters by using gfp?

Materials for lab:

More 1000ml wheaton bottles to be able to store lb (possibly borrow)

Requested meeting with professor palmore


• What kind of things affect resistance (in terms of our apparatus)

wires slipped through cardboard

• distance between each wire in plates 0.25 in. and 1.73 in. into plates