IGEM:British Columbia/2009/Notebook/Biosensor Sensitivity/2009/08/19

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cPCR preparaion: summary

  • innoculated and made spot plate of constructs from Aug 19
  • The constructs were:
  • pSB1C3 + LoxR
  • pSB1A3 + LoxR
  • pSB1C3 + Cre-LVA
  • pSB1A3 + Cre-LVA

The innoculation

performed in triplicate using standard UBC iGEM protocol

  • picked 3 colonies from each plate, each colony into 5mL LB with appropriate antibiotic (Ampicillin for pSB1A3 constructs and chloramphenicol for psB1C3 constructs)
  • to test that the antibiotics are effective, also had negative controls: innoculated a pSB1A3 colony into LB-Chlor and a pSB1C3 colony into LB-Amp
  • overnight innoculation