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Results of M9 Minimal Media Test

  • The results of growing pBADweak+GFP, pBADwt+GFP, J23100 and J23101 in 2 different batches of arabinose-glycerol M9 Minimal media

Results of M9 Minimal Media B

  • The cultures of pBADweak+GFP, pBADwt+GFP and J23100 showed turbitity, but a noticable color change was not apparent
  • The culture of J23101 had a light color change, but did not show much turbitity

Results of M9 Minimal Media C

  • All cultures showed growth
  • The cultures containing J23100 and J23101 were bright red. J23100 was a little bit darker then J23101, which is consistant with the Registry as J23100 is a stronger promoter
  • pBADstrong+RFP was slightly red, consistant with the results of the constituent promoters as pBAD is a weaker promoter
  • pBADwt+GFP and pBADweak+GFP had cell growth but were not noticibly green, consistant results as the GFP is LVA tagged and will degrade faster then RFP


  • The M9 Minimal Media C had more consistant results then B, therefore will only use C batch fro future experiments.