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Miniprep of Lock, Key, and Control Lock constructs from July 28

  • performed using Raf's Alkaline Lysis protocol
  • Miniprepped DNA was diluted to 100μg/μL and sent for sequencing

Results of M9 Minimal Media Test

  • After 16 hours, the only cultures that showed any growth were the cultures in the LB-chlor+1% arabinose. The cultures started in the M9 minimal media did not show any change in OD
  • Further examination of the BW27783 strain shows that they are not able to metabolize arabinose, this would explain the lack of growth in the Minimal Media
  • 4mL of 100% glycerol was added to each of the 3 batches of M9 Minimal Media as a carbon source, creating a final concentration of 0.4%. As glycerol is a less preferred sugar then arabinose, it should allow the cells to grow while preferentially importing arabinose into the cell

Overnights with M9 Minimal Media

  • To test if the cells will grow in gycerol-arabinose M9 minimal media
  • Started J23100, pBAD(wt)+GFP, pBADweak+GFP and J23101 in 3mL each of M9 Minimal Media batches B and C.