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Results of Transformation of pBADwt+RFP and pBADweak+RFP

  • The results of transforming plasmids into BW27783 cells are summaraized below:
    • pBADwt+RFP - TNTC
    • pBADweak+RFP - 1 colony
    • J23100 (Control) - TNTC

Making Glycerol Stocks

  • To make glycerol stocks of the resuspened biobricks for long term storage
  • The following minipreps will be transformed and then made into glycerol stocks:
Miniprep Plasmid Antibiotic Part Number
Amp Construction Plasmid Amp BBa_P1010
Amp/Tet Construction Plasmid Amp-Tet BBa_P1010
Chlor Construction Plasmid Chlor BBa_P1010
pCONS Amp J23100
pBAD posititve Chlor K206031 - in chlor
pBAD reverse Amp J44002
RBS Amp B0034
RBS-RFP-Term Amp I13507
YFP Amp E0430