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pBAD Mutagenesis Results

Plate Colony Count Color
Positive (diluted) 0 N/A
Positive (concentration) 1 N/A
Negative (diluted) TNTC White (all)
Negative (concentration) 135 White (all)
Control (Diluted) 20 blue
1 white
Control (Concentrated) 322 blue
33 white
  • 2 samples with the negative pBAD plasmid will be miniprepped and then sent for sequencing
  • The colony with the positive pBAD plasmid will be miniprepped and then sent for sequencing. As there was only one colony, the plasmid in the cell might be the original plasmid. Hence more PCR experiments will be planned to confirm the validity of the results.

Resuspension and Transformation of BioBricks

  • Resuspended the following two parts into 15µL of sdH2O
    • P_CON+RBS: Plate 2 Well 10F
    • TetR+GFP: Plate 2 Well 4D
  • Transformed cells into DH5a cells (May 21 batch)
    • 1 µL DNA
    • 100 µL of glycerol stocks
    • Incubated for 30 minutes
    • The rest of the transformation steps were performed by Amelia.