IGEM:British Columbia/2009/Notebook/Biosensor Sensitivity/2009/05/15

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Competent Cell Preparation

  • (for each strain) Discovered that the shaking incubator had crept up to 37°C overnight. Diluted 0.45mL of culture into 50mL LB medium. Incubated at 30°C in shaking incubator, starting at 8:50AM.
  • Checked OD600nm at 2:50PM: DH5a 0.6 0.8 (used as 0.7) DB3.1 1.8 1.3 (used as 1.8) --> diluted to 0.4 in 40mL LB.
  • Followed competent cell protocol exactly as written.
  • Used non-sterile centrifuge bottles, so there is some risk of contamination.
  • Stored cells at 4°C at 6:36PM.