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  • Growth on Amp plates of ligation from 8/19 suggested that competent cells had contamination: did a test of cells to ensure no contamination
    • streaked Bl21 and Dh10b competent cells onto Amp plates: no growth on either.

Transformed K1122676 plasmid (ethanol plasmid from registry) into Bl21 cell line to run another assay. Transformed PACYC Duet vector into Bl21 cell line as well.

  • Both transformetions were done with 3 μL of Plasmid, and 50 μL of cells. recovered in 400 μL SOC.
  • three assays will be run: empty PACYC vector, PACYC Duet Pdc-Adhb, and K1122676.

Growth on transformation of PACYC Duet Pdc-Adhb had one colony.

  • started a seed to miniprep and run on a gel to ensure that we have the right part.