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Media Preparation

  • Made both LB broth and LB agar plates with various antibiotics.

Liquid Media

  • LB broth stock 25 g/L
  • Three 500 ml bottles were filled with 400 ml of water for the LB, kanamycin, and ampicillin stocks and one 1 L bottle was filled with 700 ml of water for the chloramphenicol stock.


  • LB agar stock 35 g/L
  • Three 1 L flask was filled with 750 mL of water, and one 500 mL with 400 mL of water. 26.25 g of LB agar was added to the 1 L flasks and 14 g of B agar was added to the 500 mL flask. After autoclaving, 750 μL of chloramphenicol, kanamycin, and ampicillin were added to differt 1 L flasks (1 antibiotic per flask) and no antibiotic was added to the 500 mL flask. These were poured out into the plates.