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Creating Polymer Films: 1) 22000 MW PVOH a)0.5 g PVOH, 3 mL milliQ water, stir, heat at 80 deg C, store resulting solution for about 48 hrs, until film formation occur

b) 1.01 g PVOH, 5 mL milli Q water, stir, heat about 80 deg C, store the resulting solution to about 48 hrs, till thin film forms.

2)100,000 MW a)0.5 g PVOH, 5mL milli Q water, heat at 80 deg C. Note: unable to dissolve initially, so had to add 2 mL of additional water, allow 48 hrs until thin film forms.

b) 1.0 g PVOH, 8 mL of milli Q water, heat upto 15 mins. Note: unable to dissolve initially, had to add extra 3 mL of water.