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Data Analysis: CdS Myoglobin, with Ammonium: Overview

All together sel-amfamf.PNG


Data Analysis: CdS Myoglobin, with Ammonium: In-Depth

pH 4 Ph4 anneliseishghwas her.PNG

pH 4 Selected Ph4 se djshgkgdjshanneliesefuastil.PNG


pH 5 Selected Ph5 sel sakdjhgjsdg.PNG

pH 6 Ph6 sghksjgh.PNG

pH 6 Selected Ph6 sel sghjkdsghjksgdhks.PNG

pH 7 PH amamfmamfamfma7.PNG

pH 7 Selected Ph 7 sel amamfmamf.PNG

pH 8 PH 8 amammamamam.PNG

pH 8 Selected PH 8 sel.PNG

pH 9 PH 9 ahsdkjghjksdg.PNG

pH 9 Selected PH 9 sel ahahhahakdshgk.PNG

pH 10 UDGhkshdgkjsdg PH 10.PNG

pH 10 Selected PH 10 sel ajgkdhagkj.PNG

Data Analysis: CdS Myoglobin with Na2S: Overview

All together sjghsgdjdgannaleiese.PNG

All together selected shdgkjshgnanneliese.PNG

Data Analysis: CdS Myoglobin with Na2S: In-Depth

pH 4 [[Image:Ph4 jashgdkjsahgdkag.PNG]

pH 4 Selected [[Image:PH4 sel jksdhgkjdsghkshgds.PNG]

pH 5 PH5 jksdhgkjdshg.PNG

pH 5 Selected PH5 sel kjsdghdjsghkuhdskjg.PNG

pH 6 PH6 sdkjhyqeuuowyt8e.PNG

pH 6 Selected PH6 sel iutyeuo28t.PNG

pH 7 PH7 iu2yeuhtiuywtuwt.PNG

pH 7 Selected PH7 sel 4o28uy2yt.PNG

pH 8 PH8 jklweutoiuewotw.PNG

pH 8 Selected [[Image:PH8 sel wirytuwtyiw.PNG]

pH 9 PH9 iwehtukwegw.PNG

pH 9 Selected [[Image:PH9 sel wkhgkjwsg.PNG]

pH 10 PH10 dshgkudshgkdsg.PNG

pH 10 Selected PH10 sel huksghksdg.PNG