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Myoglobin templated CdS quantum dot synthesis

Today we are making CdS quantum dots using myoglobin as the template for pH 4-10


  1. Cadmium acetate was still not completely dissolved so we added ethanol to the stirring solution. After the addition of a few drops of ethanol, the solution was uniform
  2. Sample was made Myoglobin: 0.1mM cadmium acetate, 12.5uM Myoglobin, 10mM potassium thioacetate 5mL total
    1. 0.5M potassium thioacetate
      1. (10mM)(5.0mL)=(XmL)(0.5mM)
      2. XmL= 100uL potassium thioacetate
    2. Myoglobin 230.5uM
      1. (12.5uM)(5.0mL)=(XmL)(230.5uM)
      2. X=0.282mL= 271uL Myoglobin
    3. Cadmium Acetate 0.5M
      1. (0.1mM)(5.0mL)=(XmL)(50mM)
      2. X= 500uL
    4. Water
      1. Volume of water= 5000uL- 100uL-271uL-500uL= 4129uL
    1. The pH was then changed by using a pH meter to add concentrated HNO3 dropwise to reach pH 4-6 and then we used concentrated Ammonia water to reach pH 8-10.
    2. The 7 solutions at varying pH were left to stir overnight.