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The solutions used in the scans today were prepared as described below.

    1. A stock solution of cadmium acetate was made at 0.50M by adding 0.57625g in 25mL volumetric flask.
      1. The cadmium acetate was not dissolving in the solution so we made 50.0mM solution by transferring it to a 500mL volumetric flask and filling it up with water.
      2. The stock solution was not completely dissolved but the we attempted a trial run with it
    2. 271.7uL of 230mM myoglobin was used for a 12.5mM myoglobin in the solution
    3. 500uL of cadmium acetate was added
    4. 4228.3uL water was added to yield a final volume of 5mL
    5. The solution was left to stir overnight


The solutions above were not prepared as the article described. We did not thioacetate in the preparation of the soln. Because there was no sulfur source in the soln, no quantum dots were formed. The peak that we would expect from the quantum dots would be in the 400-600 nm region, and we can see from the graph below that there is no major peak. The large peak around 650 nm is an overtone.

2 8 17 graph anneliesefaustino.PNG

We can see from the selected view of the scan that there is some broad activity in the 400-600 nm region. This may be a scan of fluorescent residues in myoglobin. To confirm this, we will do a background scan of only myoglobin next week.

2 8 17 selected scans anneliese faustino meme.PNG