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<table width=70% align=center><tr><td><ul id="menu"><br><li class="current">1.7.10 | New Class Website</ul><div class="announce"> Class materials and schedule are now posted on the new class website on Stellar: <a href = ""></a> <br><br> The Stellar site will have the most recent information. In order to receive announcements, make sure you are a member of the class by clicking "Membership" on the left sidebar. </table>

<table width=70% align=center><tr><td><ul id="menu"><br><li class="current">1.3.10 | Class Location</ul><div class="announce"> Lecture will take place in the Star Room in the Stata center. Directions to the Star room can be found <a href=> here</a>. Lectures will start on 1:00 PM on the 7th, 10th, and 11th. However, it will start at 1:30 PM on the 6th (optional review class).

The powerpoint for the review lecture is now online under class materials. </table>

<table width=70% align=center><tr><td><ul id="menu"><br><li class="current">1.3.10 | First Day of Class + Schedule</ul><div class="announce"> <p>Congratulations to everyone in the class! The SynBUM team is really excited to do some synthetic biology with you this IAP. <p>The <b>official</b> first day of class is this FRIDAY the 7th. However, there will be an <b>optional</b> class on THURSDAY at 1:30 PM for introductory biology, for those who need to review 7.012. <p>Lectures are expected to be 1-2 hrs long. On lab days, lectures will be roughly 30 minutes. <p>The lab manual, as well as more class materials and a more detailed lab schedule, will be posted shortly. </div> </table>

<table width=70% align=center><tr><td><ul id="menu"><br><li class="current">12.21.10 | Registration for 2011 IAP Class has Closed</ul><div class="announce"> <p>Registration for the 2011 IAP class has closed. If you are still interested in synthetic biology, we recommend that you join SynBUM or apply for the MIT iGEM 2011 team! Details to come. </div> </table>

<table width=70% align=center><tr><td><ul id="menu"><br><li class="current">12.7.10 | Registration for 2011 IAP Class is Open!</ul><div class="announce"> <p><a href="" target="_self" title="Registration"><font size=5><b>Please register here.</b></font></a> </div> </table>

<table width=70% align=center><tr><td><ul id="menu"><br><li class="current">12.5.10 | Welcome to SynBUM's 2011 IAP Class!</ul><div class="announce"> <p>SynBUM stands for Synthetic Biology for Undergraduates at MIT. We are an interdepartmental club formed to introduce MIT undergraduates to the potential and considerations of synthetic biology. We offer faculty resources, networking events, informational panels. We are also very excited to kick off our first annual hands-on synthetic biology class during the 2011 IAP! <p><a href=> Click here to find out more about the club</a> <hr> <p><b>Class Information</b> <p><b>Make Your Own Bacterial Lamp: Creating Circuits in Biology</b> <br>Instructors: Yunxin (Joy) Jiao, Leanna Morinishi, Shawn Pan, Crystal McKenzie <br>Time: Mon-Fri, Jan 7, 10-14, 17-19, 01-04:30pm, TBA <br>Limit to 10 participants <br>Signup by: 05-Jan-2011 <br>Participants requested to attend all sessions (non-series) <br>Prereq: None; interest in synthetic biology a plus.

<p>Ever wonder if you could re-program cells to do whatever you wanted? With synthetic biology, the possibilities are endless! Synthetic biology provides a unique opportunity to combine knowledge from electrical engineering, biological engineering, chemical engineering, and biology. This hands-on class will take you through the process of constructing DNA circuits, and by the end of IAP, you will create a bioluminescent bacterial lamp! Optional special workshops will also be held for those interested in more advanced topics.

<p>Contact: Yunxin (Joy) Jiao, Next House 571, (305) 766-1434, <p>Sponsor: Biological Engineering <br>Cosponsor: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science </div> </table>

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