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Please indicate your preference for when to hold the holiday party:

  • Friday, December 9 (evening)

Note that the Bio department holiday party is on Dec 9 at 5:30pm (Walker Memorial).

  1. hkeller
  2. Samantha Jones, after the Bio department party (~ 8PM)
  3. Francois after ~ 7pm, so that I can go to the Bio department holiday party.
  4. BC
  • Saturday, December 10 (evening)
  1. Francois
  2. Party at Jason and Barry's place this night. You're all invited.
    1. cmc
  • Sunday, December 11 (evening)
  1. hkeller
  2. Francois
  3. BC
  • Friday, December 16 (evening)
  1. hkeller
  2. Samantha Jones
  3. Francois
  4. Jkm
  • Saturday, December 17 (evening)
  1. hkeller
  2. cmc
  3. Francois
  4. Jkm
  • Sunday, December 18 (evening)
  1. hkeller
  2. cmc
  • I would prefer a midday time slot rather than an evening event.
  • I would prefer the party take place on a weekday
  • I will not be attending the party
  • I will only attend if there are bellydancers again this year
  • Just tell me the date, and I'll be there
  1. Sri Kosuri
  2. Ilya
  3. Bjorn


This section is open for discussion about the format of the party. Ideas that have been proposed include renting out a bar for a celebration with the Silver/Sauer/TK lab, dinner out, a gathering at someone's house, etc. Please provide more specific suggestions and comments below.

  • It would be fun to include others in the festivities. I felt like last year's party was a bit stiff, so maybe it would be fun to have it at a bar this year. Liven things up a bit. No thong song, either (no offense, Leon!). (Samantha)
  • What about at King's Bowling Alley? I hear it is really trendy and fun... the same words I'd use to describe the Endy lab! (Samantha)
  • Also, Jillian's is kinda cool (just been renovated about a year ago) with 16 bowling lanes and 80’ by 10’ video wall. They have rooms for private parties too. --Ilya