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Entry Author: Andrew Ghazi
Entry Subject: Feasibility of nanocircuits
Entry Time: 11:55 PM
While mulling things over earlier today, it occurred to me that and nanowires or nanocircuitry would likely be subject to quantum mechanical effects, and a cursory glance at the the wikipedia page for nanowires confirms this. I'm not saying that we should give the idea up, but it's something to keep in mind. I have a bit of practical knowledge with quantum mechanics, but most of the stuff on that page seems beyond my experience.

I would like to look into the self-healing idea a little bit more, but don't really know where to start. Ely, would you mind expounding on that a bit?

Also, I encourage you guys to create your own user accounts. The OWW sign up page specifically says that accounts aren't meant to be shared by groups, and it seems like bad form anyway. We'll need to remind Professor Hess to change his email and password, too.

Entry Author: Henry Hess
Entry Subject: Quantum Mechanics
Entry Time: 10:45 am 2/8/11
Don't worry about quantum mechanics. I can explain this more in detail, but it is a somewhat longer lecture.