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Welcome to the OpenWetWare Lab Notebook Help Section. Please note that lab Notebooks are still very much a work in progress. Features may appear (and disappear) as we continue development.

If you need help on a particular topic within Lab Notebooks, use the search tag below. This will limit the results of your search to the Notebook Help pages.


Getting Started

You can make entries in your notebook by date or by project. The main page of your Lab Notebook displays a list of links to your projects.

To create a new project, type the name of your project in the box and select "create new project". A template page will be displayed, but there's no need to type anything in it. Simply click the "Save Page" button near the bottom and you'll be taken to your main project page.

There are two ways of entering information in the project you've just created. The first is to select "Yesterday", "Today", or "tomorrow" near the top of the page by the clipboard icon. The second is to select "edit today's entry" under Project Entries. Selecting "Yesterday" or "Tomorrow" gives you the option of logging what you did yesterday, or planning your work for tomorrow.

Once you've made your choice, an editing window will be displayed. You'll see the following characters embedded within the header:



Insert the cursor between the two upright bars (or "pipes") to enter the title of your project, as shown below.

p|...Project Title here...|

Start typing your project text after the double brackets. Clicking "Save page" allows you to see how your text looks, and clicking the edit tab at the top of the page returns you to the edit window.

Using Wiki Markup

Lab Notebook Template Functions

Welcome to the OpenWetWare Notebook/General Help Section.

Anytime you need help on a topic concerning Notebook/General, use the search tag below. This will limit the results of the search to theNotebook/General Help pages.