Haynes Lab:Notebook/TB Biosensor/2012/06/28

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digested LuxS and LsrA minipreps from 6.27.12, crtE,I,B miniprep from 6.21.12 and Dr. Haynes' V0120 plasmid with Xba1 and Pst1

ran on a gel, cut out, extracted

made chloramphenicol stocks in ethanol at 20mg/ml.

Ernesto and I poured Cmp and Kan LB plates.

I told Ernesto to cut the wrong bands (I think he cut out the backbone!)

I picked more colonies from RBS+LuxS and LsrA, put into 2ml of LB+amp, shook overnight

picked out the three agar stabs of the yeast C=crtE, I, and YB. put into 2 ml of LB, either plain or with 20ug/ml chloramphenicol. shook overnight.

I wanted to plate the Keio strain delta LuxS E. coli so that I can pick single colonies because I have a liquid culture and a lawn. I took a few microliters of the liquid culture and did the 4-quadrant streaking onto a plate with 50ug/ml kan. Then I took a smear of the lawn-plate and did the 4-quadrant streaking onto a plate with 50ug.ml kan.