Haynes Lab:Notebook/Synthetic Chromatin for Cancer Research/2015/10/28

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  • Miniprep pet28 vector
  • Gel verification of pet28. Image in dropbox.
  • PCR DT017, DT028, DT040 so we can put it into the pet28 vector (they are currently in V0120).
  • PCR clean up for DT017, DT028, DT040, and pet28.
    • Protocol for PCR clean up:
  1. Add 5x volume PB
  2. Add 1/10 PCR volume of 3M NaAC
  3. Bind to column (1 min @ max speed, dump)
  4. 750ul PE (dump. 1 min @ max)
  5. 1 min spin
  6. Elute with 35ul of H20