Haynes Lab:Notebook/Synthetic Biology and Bioinformatics for Predictable Control of Therapeutic Gene2/2012/08/27

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Plate Reading

  • EB buffer is your blank
  • Use Gen5, Nucleic Acid Quantification, dsDNA sample
  • We are going to use a Take3 plate with a blank at the top right corner and samples below
  1. Wash well plate
  2. 2uL of buffer, 2uL of sample, 2 uL of sample, etc (Move fast, liquid is prone to evaporation)
  3. Close lid gently!
  4. Open slide holder (make sure power is on) and place Take3 plate
  5. Click read
  6. Click approve is it says "valid"
  • Your ratio should be between 1.8 and 2.0
  • Record values for 260, 260/280, and ng/uL

Sample 1:
260: 0.179
260/280: 1.902
ng/uL: 179.081
Sample 2:
260: 0.053
260/280: 1.912
ng/uL: 52.884 (this value is low, sample 2 isn't as desirable)