Haynes Lab:Notebook/Protein-DNA fusions in living microbes/2013/11/21

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testing use of NH4SO4 to halt topoisomerase reaction.

pSB1C3 250ng 250ng 250ng 7.35uL 7.35uL 7.35uL topo eq. 0.5uL 0.5uL 0.5uL stop mechanism 4M am.sulfamate 4M am.acetate 0M ctrl 16M stock: 15uL 15uL 0 NEB 4 3uL 3uL 3uL ddH20 up to 30 total 30uL 30uL 30uL incubation:37C 10min 10 10

ammonium acetate: 12.32g/10mL ammonium sulfamate: 18.26g/10mL

stop mechanism (ammonium sulfamate and ammonium acetate) added before incubation. incubate at 37 for 10 minutes place in -20 C run on gel