Haynes Lab:Notebook/Protein-DNA fusions in living microbes/2013/10/24

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pSB1C3 500ng 500ng 500ng 500ng 500ng 500ng 14.7uL 14.7uL 14.7uL 14.7uL 14.7uL 14.7uL topo eq. 0.5uL 0.4uL 0.3uL 0.2uL 0.1uL 0uL 2.5uL 2uL 1.5uL 1uL 0.5uL 0uL 50% glycerol 0 0.5uL 1uL 1.5uL 2uL 2.5uL NEB 4 3uL 3uL 3uL 3uL 3uL 3uL ddH20 up to 30 total 20uL 30uL 30uL 30uL 30uL 30uL incubated at 37C for 5 minutes, then transferred to -20C to stop reaction (loaded 7 uL of ladder)

3 topo site PCR product: 1uL Neb 4 buffer: 3uL (accidentally added twice as much) Topo induced or uninduced: 1uL water 11uL total 16uL