Haynes Lab:Notebook/MPeterson Cloning Bootcamp/2015/02/24

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Plasmid Verification Day 1

Antibiotic Resistance Gene: Ampicillin

(1) Sample 1: Plasmid DNA- KAH158/MV2, length: 7264 bp, vector length: 4529 bp

(2) Sample 2: Plasmid DNA- KAH228/MV1, length: 7463 bp, vector length: 5428 bp

(3) Sample 3: Negative Control

Plasmid is ready for sequencing: KAH126/MV2, length: 6439, vector length: 4529 bp

NOTE: the wrong plasmids were used in the lab, so the process was repeated on 2/26/15 with the correct ones.