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Project Description

This notebook consists of the procedures learnt during lab training. DH5α will be transformed with KAH013 plasmid, and then miniprep will be performed, and a spectrophotometer will be used to analyze the DNA yield, and if the process was successful. In order to validate the plasmid, restriction digest and electrophoresis will be employed.


  • Transformation of DH5α was successful. Colonies were growing in agar+amp gel.


  • Yield from miniprep was low at 5.542ng/μL. Expected yield was from 20-80ng/μL. Yield reading may have been due to contamination.


  • Plasmid was successfully validated using restriction digest and electrophoresis.


Second Transformation Attempt

  • DH5α was transformed, but was incorrectly grown in LB-amp plates instead of LB+amp plates.


  • DH5α was transformed, and was correctly grown in LB+amp plates.


  • Colony was selected from the plate, and transferred to liquid media.


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