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Fluorescence Microscopy of Transfected U2OS Cells w/ BD006

  • Cell Line: U2OS
  • Plasmid name: BD006 in MV2
  • Benchling Link for Plasmid: BD006/Chromatin Sensor 1
  • Name of Kit Used for Transfection: Lipofectamine LTX
  • FACS needs to be performed to get exact transfection efficiency, but based on pictures, suspected efficiency is 20-30%. Cell morphology does not look great, probably due to the fact that there were few cells on the 6-well plate at the start of transfection.
  • U2OS transfected BD006 Well 1 phase CFP 10x Image 2 2015-04-01.jpg

  • U2OS transfected BD006 Well 2 phase CFP 10x 2015-04-01.jpg

  • U2OS transfected BD006 Well 3 phase CFP 10x 2015-04-01.jpg