Haynes Lab:Notebook/Engineering PC-TFs/2014/05/24

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Miniprepped the three colonies' liquid cultures
Eluted with 75μL dH2O.


Plasmid OD260 OD260/280 ng/μL
1. CMV/MV9 BL01 Ligation C1 0.17 1.899 170.143
1. CMV/MV9 BL01 Ligation C2 0.168 1.898 167.513
1. CMV/MV9 BL01 Ligation C3 0.201 1.885 200.8

Verification Strategy
Check with XbaI and NruI

Hover name
Length of forward insertion.
Hover name
Length of reverse insertion.
Hover name
Length of no insertion.

More Strategy

Hover name
Expected bp for; Forward insertion: 710, 7010; Reverse insertion: 3230, 4490; No insertion: 710, 4490.

Length of no insertion cut and forward insertion cut are the same, although vector/PcTF length would differ by the length of the PcTF. PCR verification with DD 123B and DD 122B should allow for verification as well.