Haynes Lab:Notebook/CRISPR Editing/2016/09/02

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qPCR of Luc14 31 and 34 treated ChIP samples

triplicate, IgG, FLAG, singlet inputs, technical triplicates, 313/311, GAPDH

Totally worked! Small error bars!

Started ChIPs on Gal4+puro and Gal4+dox g031 and g034

preclear with beads for 3 hours, nutation, 4deg
add FLAG beads
cut ends of tips to make wide bore
20ul beads/IP
wash 3x with TBS buffer
resuspend to original volume
add 20ul to empty tubes
put in magnet rack, remove TBS
add samples
add IgG to IgG samples
nutate overnight at 4deg

removed dox from Gal4+dox cells, expanded all cells to T-175s