Haynes Lab:Notebook/CRISPR Editing/2014/07/06

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Results from yesterday's ligation

Backbone Insert # colonies
pX330 bb ctrl 13
pX330 g14 30
pX330 g5 20
pX330 g13 29
pX330 gn1T 21
pX330 gn1B 8
pX330 gn3T 22
pX330 gnBb B 20
pX335 bb ctrl 19
pX335 gn3T 14
pX335 gn1B 19
pX335 gn1T 23
pX335 gn3bB 23

Zhang lab help pages say overnight ligations can lead to many colonies on the backbone plate. Picked 6 colonies from plate pX330-g14 plate.