Grimaldo Elías Urena M.

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Contact Info

  • Grimaldo Elias Ureña M.
  • Universidad Tecnologica de Panama

About Me

Staff member of R+D Office at UTP University. Assistance Research in Energy & Environmental Sciences. Actually I am the promoter of all related issues around of SynBio in the UTP. iGEM Team's Director and Instructor last 2 years. With some partners founded the first biotechnology and SynBio Research Group at UTP, called "GIBBS". I am really interested in dialogue between science & humanities, and how can generate better and deeper solutions to fundamentals problems.


  • 2011-2012 Agricultural & Biological Engineering, Visiting Scholar at Purdue University
  • 2011, MSc Mechanical Engineering: Program of Energy & Environmental Sciences, SENACYT-Fellowship
  • 2002, BS Electrical Engineering & Mechanical Engineering, UTP

Research interests

  1. Synthetic Biology
  2. Bioinformatics & Biological Systems Modeling
  3. Energy & Environment
  4. Remote Sensing (Satellite)
  5. Philosophy: Scientific Inquire & Social Implications. Political Philosophy. Interdisciplinary studies of mind-brain.

Useful links

  • [1] Our Software Team Wiki
  • [2] Our Synthetic Biology Business Model