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Project Description/Abstract

  • This is the initial master electronic notebook for our lab.
  • Please have patience with us as we learn html and general wiki etiquette

This is a new laboratory at the University of Central Missouri. While we are a research group, our main focus is on undergraduate education and providing opportunities for independent undergraduate research. We are actively seeking collaborations on projects that are suitable for our expertise, our budget ( small regional University), our capabilities, and that pique our students interest. It is my hope that our lab will act as a catalyst enabling students to bring their perspectives and creativity to our research projects.

My laboratory is a multidisciplinary laboratory with capabilities in electronic prototyping, three-dimensional printing, microscopy and imaging capabilities, as well as using traditional methods of biochemistry and molecular biology to perturb and study cellular systems.


  • We are new and growing -
  • We are developing a master project plan, our lab is a fresh startup consisting of a PI, and four talented undergraduate researchers.
  • We are only limited by our imagination -- and funding (darn it).

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