G.tigrina Hox gene DthoxC insertion into prokaryote E.coli / (by UNIamCloning)/2011/10/20

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Research of New Project (cont.)

  • Today we continued research for our new project. We decided to use the parts BBa_E0040 (a green fluorescent protein)and BBa_J45014 (ATF1; responsible for banana odor). The GFP part has no promoter but does have a stop codon. The ATF1 part also has no promoter but has two terminators. We decided to put the GFP part before the ATF1 part by removing the stop codon via PCR and designing our own primers for this purpose. We will use a promoter that another group has for this procedure. On Tuesday, we will design our primers to remove the stop codon in the GFP part and we will also transform our ampicillin plates.