G.tigrina Hox gene DthoxC insertion into prokaryote E.coli / (by UNIamCloning)/2011/09/29

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Dilution of Primers and Set-up of PCR Reaction for Eight Samples of Gt.3 9/29/11

  • Today in lab we set up and began running a PCR. First, both primers (15_DthoxCa_F, and 15_DthoxCb_R) were diluted into a 100µM stock solution and further diluted into a 10µM working solution. For the PCR set-up, only the DNA from the third DNA extraction (Gt.3) was used because that extraction yielded the highest concentration of DNA. Eight samples were made using the DNA from Gt.3 and each sample will be run at a different annealing temperature (within the range of 46-54 degrees Celsius). The positive control contained a plasmid and the negative control contained no DNA. For the next lab, we will run a gel to observe the results of the PCR.