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Final Projects

Groups of 3-4 participants will create a proposal for a synthetic biology project. A written document (10-15 double-spaced pages) should describe the motivation for the work (what is the technological or societal impact?) and how it would be accomplished (be very specific about your methods and control experiments you would use to benchmark steps in your progress — use figures). This project can be communicated online and shared to other students. You should briefly describe the role that each participant had in the preparing the project. For example project ideas, look at various past iGEM team websites linked from http://igem.org/Team_Wikis?year=2011. You will self-organize into groups and report to the instructor by March 30th. Similar to usual class topics, your group will have 20-30 minutes to present your final project on the last day of class, and you will collectively be responsible for making revisions in response to ideas and questions raised by your classmates.

final project teams

Boyu Qie;Ziang Gao
Jingyao Guo; Xiao Tong; Jiale Wang; Yujun Zhao
Deng Pan; Mengshi Zhang; Shui Jing; Liuxing Shen
Zili Fan; Junqiu Zhang; Xin Yang
Chenchen Lv; Yiqi Jiang; Yidan Pan; Mubing Zhou
Zishan Wu; Yao Chen; Qijia Cheng; Xianggeng Liu

A SE of Biobrick and iGEM ideas

Potear, an all-in-one software

  • Team name: ρ-Tech;
  • Team members: Zishan Wu; Yao Chen; Qijia Cheng; Xianggeng Liu;
  • Potear.doc

Building an IPhone APP for Registry of Standard Biological Parts

Computer-aided terminator

Glast—based on blast